This movement had its beginnings in September 2020 at a Quaker Peace and Social Witness forum for local people held at Hemel Hempstead Quaker Meeting.  Colin Cartwright, minister at the Carey Baptist eco – Church, followed up and introduced Hope for the Future to Hemel Quakers. Woodlands for All came into being.

A public event was organised with support from Hope For The Future, which took place on 22 April 2021 on Zoom. The speakers gave a testimony of the issues and impact of development on the environment – notably woodland, and what constitutes a sustainable woodland with its complex relationship with modern development.

The Zoom event on 22nd April 2021

The event was hosted by Emma Stevens from Hope for the Future 

We are grateful for the support and expertise of the team of talented and dedicated young people at the Hope for the Future charity.

Work continues with other groups in the communities in Hemel Hempstead, supported by Woodland Towns as a resource for anyone who wants to help preserve our communities and environment.