During the global lockdown we have rediscovered our links to the natural
world, and the peril it faces with local development and global climate change.

One of the big problems with urban planning and expansion of housing in the green belt is that woodland, meadow and scrubland is coming under pressure. With the best will in the world, if we fence woodland into isolated pockets, and stress on them with a high level of visitors, there will be no chance of healthy woodlands with a diverse mix of flora and fauna.

We want to see access to woodland for everyone that sustains a healthy ecosystem.

We set up the Woodland Towns online initiative in response to working on the awareness campaign for ‘Woodlands for All’ which asked MPs to do what they could to promote the importance of Woodland in planning and legislation. We would like Woodland Towns to become a resource for both people in their communities to access our natural heritage, and to help preserve it from over-zealous development.

We hope you will join us.

Woodland Towns Founders:

Sherief Hassan, Mermie Karger & Suzanne Watts